CFLs or LEDs

Which do you choose CFLs and LEDs

Which energy saving bulb on the market offers the best return on investment?

To save money or energy, replacing your incandescent bulbs is highly recommended. CFLs (compact fluorescents) and LEDs (light emitting diodes) are popular on the market and offer great savings.

Here are the differences between CFLs and LEDs:



Easy to do, Just replace the bulbs


– Five times shorter lifespan (10,000 hours)

– Less efficient than LEDs
– 3 minutes until fully lit



More efficient than CFLs
– Longer life span (50,000 hours)
– Lower Co2 emissions
– Lights up instantly
– Emits less heat


May need different drivers to be installed




Safety Switches

Safety Switches

The electrical home appliances we use every day, if they are faulty can cause, damage, fires or even danger to the user. That’s easy to forget when we’re so used to using them every day without consequence.

To prevent such accidents happening, it is essential that you utilise safety switches installed in the Main Switch Board. They are a simple way to keep your home and family safe from electrical danger.


What Are Safety Switches?

Safety switches are devices installed in the Main switch board generally and are designed to turn the circuit off if there is a detected earth leakage over a certain level.


Installing Safety Switches in the Home

The installation of safety switches is simple and inexpensive. It is important to look into your property and safety switches, whether renting, buying or renovating.

Avoid Overloading Power Points

If you plug too many appliances into a power board that draw high current, you could overload your power point. As a result, this could cause a fire.

Here are the things to look out for and how you can avoid it.


Appliance Overload

If you overload and piggy-back your adaptors and power boards, there is the possibility of exceeding the powerpoint’s amperage and cause a house fire.

An additional power point is recommended to avoid overload and risky use of a power board – it’s a lot safer.